Fashion and the Automobile:
An Exhibit in 10 Eras ® 
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Fashion Shows

                                                                  FASHION SHOWS

Fashion and the Automobile has conducted full scale vintage fashion shows for the Historical Society of Michigan's Local History Conference, the Detroit Yacht Club, the Lorenzo Cultural Center, and the Port Huron Historical Museum.  We can tailor the show to your budget and include members of your organization as models.  Existing shows that are immediately available include:

      -  Fashion Thru The Decades: What’s Old Is New Again
      - Puttin' on the Ritz: Fashion in the Jazz Age (Roaring 20s)
      -  Fashions of Downton Abbey
   - The Little Black Dress
      - Crinolines and Classics: Those Fabulous Fifties
      - Flares, Flowers and Funk: Stayin' Alive in the 70s

Let us create one for your next fundraiser!

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