Fashion and the Automobile:
An Exhibit in 10 Eras ® 
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Magazine Layouts

                                        MAGAZINE LAYOUTS

Fashion and the Automobile has been featured in magazine layouts.  Our first fashion shoot was in the Summer 2014 issue of Macomb County's great magazine, Macomb Now.  Utilizing three of our vintage fashions from the 40s, 50s and 60s, we found their modern equivalents at Partridge Creek Mall, and showcased them together, featuring vintage automobiles and the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate as backdrops.  

We were also featured in the July/August 2017 issue of the Historical Society of Michigan's wonderful Michigan History Magazine.

We then returned to Macomb Now Magazine in the Winter 2020 issue, commemorating a holiday reception Eleanor Ford gave for her two granddaughters in 1969.  We utilized three of our vintage 1960s fashions to recreate the original photo of the party, along with their modern equivalents, showcasing them together inside the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate.

Let us help you create something special for your next issue!  Our extensive vintage fashion collection and expertise is available for hire!

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